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About Lighthouse Solar in Austin

A Leader in Solar Energy Solutions

Lighthouse Solar is one of the premier solar energy companies and a leader in paving the way for sustainable, renewable energy for homes and businesses. Our mission is to accelerate the switch to clean, renewable, secure, and democratized energy sources while contributing to a clean energy workforce.

10 years ago, Lighthouse Solar's Austin branch was founded by Quentin Keith and Stan Pipkin. Keith and Pipkin were recruited by Lighthouse Solar to open and grow the groundbreaking solar company's branch in Texas' capitol city. Now independently owned and operated, Lighthouse Solar Austin is proud of our customer focused attitude and highly qualified team. From Master Electricians to degreed Architects, we are able to provide outstanding consultations to our customers which makes our service second to none. Owners Keith and Pipkin are committed to the future of renewable energy.

undefinedWhy choose Lighthouse Solar?

We believe good design starts with a consultative approach. Our designers look at your house as an individual and a unique opportunity to engineer an efficient and powerful energy system. We can deploy the entire array of available choices in the industry to meet your particular needs.

We continue to establish ourselves as leaders in the field of clean, solar energy with our robust technology and industry experts.

Engage us to find out how much power you can produce for yourself.

If you are interested in going solar, contact one of our energy experts and we can discuss your needs, answer any questions, and help you find a solution that works for your budget and usage. Our systems are customizable to your specifications and unique structure - just ask one of our consultants during your free consultation.

Let’s talk about your solar energy project today. Contact us online or call (512) 842-6696 to request an estimate!

Our team believes in our product and our work, so it's no suprise that they choose Lighthouse Solar for their homes. Here are some photos of a couple of our staff member's solar powered homes!

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