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Lighthouse Solar is ready for COVID19

Apr 16, 2020 | Clean Energy, NEWS, Renewable Energy, Solar Installers

Lighthouse Solar is fully prepared to provide the same support and reliable customer service that you have come to expect from us during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Dear Customers,

As the impacts of COVID-19 are more and more apparent in our communities, we wanted to let you know that we are taking mindful and concrete steps to ensure the safety of our employees and our trusted customers alike. We are committed to continuing the work we are passionate about but are choosing to take heed of the realities of these circumstances and play our part in trying to “flatten the curve”. Our collective response within this unfamiliar territory will require creativity, composure, and compassion.

For some of you, your projects will continue to progress in real ways as we have made adjustments to have some of our staff work from home. We have invested in cloud-based systems that are enabling us to work productively in this manner.

For projects that are in the construction or implementation phase, we are deploying alternate strategies to keep our staff and customers safe, some of which may involve postponing the on-site work until it is recommended to proceed. There are some projects that may only require a limited presence on the exterior of your site, ie… working on your roof or at the electrical service. We will contact you to see if our presence at your site, in this case, is acceptable.

Other efforts we are making to mitigate the impact:

  • Limiting the number of staff in vehicles to and from job-sites

  • Equipping all vehicles with Sanitizer

  • Working with gloves (standard practice)

  • Maintaining social distancing on projects that can accommodate this practice

  • Postponing projects that cannot accommodate social distancing

  • Working from home and alternating our staff time at our office

  • Following best practices for hand-washing, use of sanitizer, masks, and social distancing

Our commitment to ensuring the safety of our staff extends to you, your family and neighbors. If you wish to have us postpone the installation phase of your project, please reach out to us here or through the contact box below.

As this situation is dynamic, we will be monitoring it closely and will communicate to you as things change and merit a different response.

With consideration,
Stan Pipkin
VP Managing Director

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