To Own your Energy or Rent It

Investing in Solar begins with a simple choice of whether you want to own your energy or continue to rent it from the Utility.

We offer several ways to take control of your energy spend: Cash Purchase or a Solar Loan.

For both Cash and Financing, you will enjoy residential Federal Tax Credit and any available Solar Rebates.

Cash Purchase:

LighthouseSolar will help you apply for any local rebates and will ensure that your equipment is eligible for the Federal Tax Credit and the Property Tax Exemption.

Residential Financing:

We partner with several solar specific financing options that allow rates as low as 3.49% and terms as long as 20 years. We can find the option for you to make possible immediate savings with $0 down. You can achieve solar ownership for your home with no upfront money out of pocket.

Commercial Financing:

Commercial projects make possible third party financing including equipment and operating leases. We can also help you procure competitive balance sheet financing. We can recommend the optimal financing strategy based on your investment horizon, tax strategy and project profile.

Local Rebates and Federal Tax Benefits:

A part of financing solar is taking advantage of the local rebate offers and the Federal Tax benefits that are available for your solar project. Read more about rebates and Tax Benefits here.