Description of Service Offerings

Our service department offer stand-alone service for existing solar systems. This is the same department that handles any warranty claims for Lighthouse Solar customers. The following items are par tof our standard offer for solar service:

Price List of Service 

Truck Roll and Site Evaluation: $185 (truck Roll and First Hour)

Labor Rate: $75/hr

Electric Vehicle Car Charger $1,500 - $3,500 (Site Specific)

Pre Solar Solar System Inspection: $330 (Residential)

$1,400 (Commercial)

Critter Guard (Array Protection) $450-1750 (Array Size Dependent)

Inverter RMA Exchange: $150

Panel Washing: $210 - $500 (Larger Systems Custom Quote)

Lighthouse Solar also offers annual service contracts for regular washing, commissioning and performance monitoring of your system. Call us today to learn more.

Small Alpine Panel Service.jpg