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Solar Energy for Your Home 

Solar Energy Can Save You Money:

Solar Energy delivers usable electricity directly to your home and lessens the amount you buy from the utility. Therefore you save money directly from the solar energy delivered. For each home, we consider the right sized system to match your consumption patterns with the amount of electricity a solar system will deliver.

$0 down Today or Buy Future Energy- You Choose

Buying solar can be a simple as qualifying for a $0 down loan. We will target a system that delivers net savings to you from the first day your system is energized.

You can also pay for your system now and lock in the lowest cost of energy for 30 years. You will have bought an energy hedge. The system will pay for itself and then deliver costless electricity for many years beyond.

Solar is an Investment in the Environment

Installing solar at your home is a commitment towards combating climate change. Solar is energy without emissions nor water consumption. Solar does not contribute carbon to the atmosphere. LighthouseSolar is committed to combatting climate change and put tools in your hands to participate.

Trusted Installation

Our sales team, designers, project managers, installers and electricians are all part of the in-house Lighthouse team. We have installed over 3000 systems of all shapes and sizes. We warrant our work with a 25 year workmanship warranty. We can install on metal roofs, shingles, tile, steel structures, ground mounts, flat roofs. We will design a system to meet your individual situation.

Service Promise

We employ dedicated service technicians with combined 50+ years of experience in solar technologies. We warrant and service our systems as needed and are often hired by customers whose solar company has gone out of business. We are hired by other solar companies to do their service work.

All taking advantage of the opportunity to go solar. Mueller Neighborhood 2011- Lighthouse Solar.

All taking advantage of the opportunity to go solar. Mueller Neighborhood 2011- Lighthouse Solar.

Take Advantage of Rebates and Credits

Federal Tax Credit

Through 2021, you will qualify for a 30% Federal Tax Credit. It is 30% of the amount you invest in solar, whether you pay in full now or finance the system. This is a dollar for dollar credit against your year end tax liability. Read More here.

Solar Rebates

Lighthouse will also apply any available local rebates to your system cost. We will help you file for the rebate and process all the appropriate paperwork to maximize your financial benefit. We are approved in Austin Energy, CPS, Oncor, GVEC, PEC, NBU, Bluebonnet and many other jurisdictions in Texas.

Property Tax Exemption

Your solar investment is exempt from property tax assessment. That means that the additional value in equity in your home is not assessed additionally. This improves your investment.

Home Value

Installing solar on your home will improve the value of your home. Solar will lower the operating cost of your home and therefore raise the value. A comparable home without solar is not as valuable. See the attached reference study.