Lighthouse Solar mobilizing a neighborhood to go solar- 2011

Our Mission

Lighthouse Solar is committed to transitioning Texas to clean, affordable, distributed, renewable power sources.

We are driven to make the strongest impact in Texas as we can, banking on the hunch that if we can demonstrate that a new energy economy is possible in Texas, then there should be no obstacles in the rest of the world. Each installation we complete, each neighbor we educate, each student we mentor and each promise we honor gets us one step closer to making the case for clean affordable power irrefutable and the transition irreversible.

Progress is what happens when a small team is committed to a generous goal - someone in LighthouseSolar.

Lighthouse Solar is Awesome. If you are interested in adding solar to your home or office, Lighthouse Solar will provide consulting services, installation and more. I highly recommend them. I am very happy with the solar panel system in my East Austin home, and the information Lighthouse Solar’s system provides me on my system’s output and our personal electrical usage.
— Andres Bodden, Austin, TX

What We've Achieved

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