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Commercial Solar

Business owners in Texas can free yourselves from dependence on someone else’s electricity by generating it yourself and taking the opportunity to envision a new relationship to energy.

Residential Solar

You can look at the value of solar and say, yes, that makes sense. But solar is more than a financial transaction. It’s about a relationship with a service provider built on trust.

Storage & Electric Vehicle Charging

We are on the verge of a deep transition in energy. While we have historically taken energy access for granted, our future depends on storing and managing the energy we need.


When a solar project finishes construction, that is not the end of the customer journey. It’s just the beginning. Select a provider that invests in its service team and can earn your trust.

Introducing The Lighthouse Way

Lighthouse Solar helps people have a global impact through the adoption and advocacy of appropriate, effective, and integrated solar energy technologies in the places where they spend their lives. When communicating with customers, we are driven to solve problems with openness and agility. Our vision is to empower and enlighten residential and commercial customers in Texas. We aim to go beyond tangible services – project design, construction, electricity, and system maintenance – to animate a new way of being in the world.

Solar Services

Parking Solar

Commercial Solar

Reduce electricity costs, lighten your environmental impact, and use solar technology to rethink your physical space. Lighthouse supports commercial projects of all sizes.

Residential Solar

Our team has installed thousands of projects around Texas. We have also developed lasting relationships with many customers to support their ongoing electricity needs.

Battery Storage & EV

Whether providing backup power or electric vehicle charging, our experienced engineers, electricians, and installers can guide you to the future of energy.
Lighthouse Solar


No matter who installed your system, count on Lighthouse Solar to support optimal performance with cleaning, diagnostics, repairs, upgrades, and more.

Design + Build

Professional Services

Builders, architects, and developers come to Lighthouse Solar for support through the project design and development process, including feasibility studies, financial modeling, site plan consultations, and more.

Architectural Solar

Lighthouse Solar accounts for form and function when designing solar projects. Talk to our team of architects about opportunities to integrate a solar awning, carport, or custom structure at your home or business.

Lighthouse Solar is Awesome. If you are interested in adding solar to your home or office, Lighthouse Solar will provide consulting services, installation and more. I highly recommend them. I am very happy with the solar panel system in my East Austin home, and the information Lighthouse Solar’s system provides me on my system’s output and our personal electrical usage.
Andres Bodden