If you purchase a solar system after the December 31st deadline, you could potentially miss out on $1,000 or more in tax credit.

2019 is the last year to take advantage of the federal solar tax credit!

If you own your home and are spending over $100 per month on the electricity bill, it is the perfect time to go solar.




Our turn-key Services



Affordable, practical residential solar systems. Comprehensive solar panel options for your renewable energy needs.

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Turnkey commercial solar power system designed, installed and supported by the most experienced team in Central Texas.

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Batteries & EV

We design and install the electric vehicle charging and the best solar backup battery systems, such as the Tesla Powerwall.

Lighthouse Solar has focused on the customer experience for 10 years.  We pride ourselves on delivering the best solar power systems for your home, ranch or business.  We’ve designed, installed and supported over 3,000 solar panel systems throughout Central Texas. We offer the most comprehensive list of options for solar panels, micro-inverters, solar optimizers, and inverters.  We focus on delivering the highest quality and right designed solar solution with the best customer experience possible. Our solar energy technicians are backed by 70+ combined years of experience.


We do MORE

Our Design-Build Services



We guide you through concept, energy estimates, solar solutions and design documents.


Architectural solar

Architectural solar uses solar technology as a design element and as a building material.



We design, specify and install off-grid solutions when the grid is not practical or a stand-alone solution is preferred.

And we do MORE

Our Professional Support Services


Builder Program

Solar project planning, coordination and turn-key installation services for production and custom builders.


Architectural Consultation

We help architects coordinate and specify appropriate solar solutions through the design process.


Developer Support

Solar financial planning, site planning, feasibility studies for real estate developments.

What Our Customers have said

More Reviews

Had my panels installed in 2014 but recently had a problem with the inverter. They replaced it quickly and under warranty. Jeff is super responsive, quick to get back with phone calls. Just very professional. So happy Lighthouse installed my system and continues to take care of it.
Especially with an electric car, solar makes a lot of sense and there is so much sun in Central Texas.
— Michelle Lee, 2019
Working with Lighthouse has been a great experience! Jay Johnson and his team were super helpful throughout the process and were able to work through some snags that almost kept me from being able to get solar at my home. The system has been great so far and overall, it was a very easy process that did not require a ton of time as they took care of nearly everything!! Jay is always easy to get in touch with and quick to help with anything that comes up. They also had very helpful financing options to consider. Would definitely recommend Lighthouse to anyone looking for solar!”
— Ryon Fenton, 2019
During 2018 we completed several energy efficiency projects in our home. By far the most fun was getting 18 solar panels in our roof, and a lot of what made this such a fantastic experience is having Lighthouse Solar complete this project. Their commitment to quality extends beyond the installation, inspection, and activation. They were able to customize some of the installation components to meet our needs and expectations, and they did it willingly and kept things timely. If you are entertaining the idea of making your home energy efficient and the world a better place, make sure you reach out to Lighthouse Solar.
— Liel levy, 2019
Absolutely the best in the business. Always responsive to issues and ready to provide assistance. Jeff Bendall and Corey Russ are topnotch - very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to both for helping me solve an issue very quickly.
— Jimmy Willoughby, 2019
Truly a light in the darkness. Lighthouse is on CPS’s list of approved installers here in San Antonio. That would have been enough. Jeff does what he promises, deals with tough questions with grace and frankness. I can trust what I’m told. Lighthouse has proven to be punctual, detail-oriented, and they clean up after themselves.
— Kit Myers, 2018
Lighthouse Solar installed our electric vehicle charging station, and a larger main electric panel to accommodate a solar photovoltaic installation in the future. Both their bid and the actual installation were very professional.
— John Tate, 2018
Great price, excellent service, very personal touch, the team really cared about getting us the best system at the right price. Lot’s of experience with all the permitting and financing process. Made it all a breeze!
— Bill Corrigan, 2017
In times when getting a repair/service professional to call back in 24 hours, it’s nearly unheard of to have all the repair issues identified and work starting in less than 24 hours! The Lighthouse Solar service team was responsive, professional, courteous and fairly priced for the work completed at our house in April.
— Julie Sullivan, 2017
Lighthouse Solar installed panels on our home, and we upgraded to LED lighting throughout. We have produced more energy than we have used for the past few months, we now have a nice fat credit with Austin Energy to help us keep our bills low during the hot summer months. The team of Stan, Robb and Jeff and the crew were efficient and the panels look great. The tools they provide to monitor the system are fun to use. In the event of a power outage, we will be able to run some of our appliances off of the solar also. Very happy with Lighthouse Solar!
— Peter Hennings, 2016
I appreciated the professionalism and expertise I received with Lighthouse Solar. My design, installation, and rebate were completed in a timely manner. I have had no problems with my system since it was installed 2 years ago. The other nice thing is that my electric bill was $26.00 last month!
— Stephanie Dussling, 2016
Lighthouse Solar did an excellent job of installing our system. From our initial meeting to installation and follow-up, the staff was always pleasant to work with. We are so pleased with our panels and how they are performing. Also, the LightGauge online monitoring allows us to keep tabs on the performance of our panels vs energy consumption. When we are out of town, we like to pull up the LightGauge monitoring so we can see if there’s anything out of the ordinary happening at our house. All the way around, Lighthouse Solar gets an A++!
— Judy Duble, 2016