A different kind of solar company

Our Power, Our People

A Community of Creators

You’ll find among us architects, professional engineers, CPAs, master electricians, NABCEP qualified PV professionals, experienced installers, project managers and design consultants. Our goal is to ensure that your project receives the attention it deserves and is cost effective. The depth of our experience positions Lighthouse Solar to serve our customers with integrity and humility. We have received numerous awards, and we work with top construction companies, the most innovative developers and thought leaders in the industry. It is our job to bring these best practices to each project, delivering the highest value in an affordable way.

The Lighthouse Way

A simple philosophy guides our actions and binds us together: Respect the customer, our people and our work.

Stan Pipkin
Lighthouse Solar has focused on the customer experience for since 2007. We believe that solar is above all about the people it serves.
Cory Jackson
Technical Sales
We’ve designed, installed and supported over 3,000 solar panel systems throughout Central Texas. We focus on delivering the most appropriate solar solution at the highest quality and the best customer experience possible.

In The Field

Sales Team

Our sales team are full time employees and they strive to give you a different kind of purchasing experience. We pride ourselves on trying to educate our customers and don’t use pressure tactics to try to get you to close. If solar is right for you, then it is right for us.

Project Management Team

Our Project Management team’s central goal is to ensure a transparent customer experience and a precise project delivery. The latest in automation and CRM technology augment our ability to remain efficient and accessible regardless of where you are on your solar journey.

Design Team

Our design team reviews every project and has in-depth knowledge on requirements and protocols to move your project smoothly from permitting to implementation in the field.

Install Team

Our install teams are full time employees and work with the latest technology and are adept at multiple systems, rooftops and environmental conditions. Each team member is on a path to grow their knowledge and skill set through ongoing training and certifications.

Service Team

Lighthouse Solar staffs a full time service team to respond to environmental events and ongoing maintenance schedules. Our install team members can matriculate to service roles upon achieving experience milestones.

Our Mission

Lighthouse Solar is committed to helping transition Texas to clean, affordable, distributed, renewable power sources.

Our customers appreciate that solar is more than a commodity. Together, we are rethinking the physical space and the way we use energy. Each installation we complete, each neighbor we educate, each student we mentor and each promise we honor, brings us one step closer to making the case for clean, affordable power irrefutable and the transition irreversible.

We see energy in a different light.

Great price, excellent service, very personal touch, the team really cared about getting us the best system at the right price. Lot’s of experience with all the permitting and financing process. Made it all a breeze!

Bill Corrigan

Lighthouse Solar installed panels on our home. We’ve produced more energy than we’ve used for the past few months, and have a nice fat credit to keep bills low during the summer. The team of Stan, Robb and Jeff and the crew were efficient and the panels look great. The tools to monitor the system are fun, and in the event of a power outage, we’ll be able to run some appliances off solar too. Very happy with Lighthouse Solar!

Peter Hennings


Lighthouse Solar is inherently collaborative. We are committed to building an ecosystem of partners that are greater than the sum of parts. And by partners, we mean more than those companies or associations that we have standing agreements with. It is that group of individuals, companies, associations and movements that inspire us, challenge us, collaborate with us and share their projects.