Commercial Solar

A New Way of Seeing Energy, The Lighthouse Way

When we consume energy, a transformation takes place. We open new and exciting ways of being in the world. At Lighthouse Solar, we harness energy so you can create new types of communities. New legacies. New memories. New interests.

Energy makes it all possible. That’s why we believe solar is more than a commodity. If you think of a solar energy system and all that comes to mind is the electrical and structural hardware, something essential is missing. Our projects deliver the intangibles. They help you rethink physical space and the way we use energy. They transform you.


Katie Harrington
Owner, Leftway Studios
East Austin’s private event venue and recording studio teamed up with Lighthouse to integrate solar at a charming creative establishment.
Mark Vornberg
Owner, Dick Clark + Associates
Having worked together to put solar on architecturally significant DC+A projects, Lighthouse was delighted to outfit the firm’s new space, a restored pawn shop in East Austin.


Springdale General

At Springdale General, a campus of affordable maker studios, creative office space, test kitchens, and workshops in East Austin, a 50 kW entry canopy changed the space as designed.

Solar Gaines swim center canopy
Parking Garage Solar

A 6 kW canopy at John Gaines Swim Center, a 2018 AIA Austin Design Award winner, was designed to feature mixed ecology with solar overhead and an arbor coming up from below.

Absolutely the best in the business. Always responsive to issues and ready to provide assistance. Jeff Bendall and Corey Russ are topnotch – very professional and knowledgeable. Thanks to both for helping me solve an issue very quickly.

Jimmy Willoughby

Truly a light in the darkness. Lighthouse is on CPS’s list of approved installers. Jeff does what he promises, deals with tough questions with grace and frankness. I can trust what I’m told. Lighthouse has proven to be punctual, detail-oriented, and they clean up after themselves.

Kit Myers

Take Advantage Of Rebates And Credits

Federal Tax Credit

Take advantage of Federal Tax Benefits, including the Investment Tax Credit and MACRS (Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery Schedule).


Local Incentives are available throughout Texas. We can help you determine your project’s eligibility.


We can facilitate traditional and alternative paths to finance the system, including REAP grants, PACE and third party ownership.


Solar savings lowers the operating cost of a building, improving the Net Operating Income (NOI).