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Residential Solar

The Intersection of Solar Energy and Life

The value of residential solar is clear. Save on electricity. Clean energy for the grid. Independence from the utility. But solar is more than a commodity. It’s different than a home remodel or an appliance upgrade. When we take on a project, we are asking you to trust us, our technology, and our service for a long time.

That’s why we believe Lighthouse Solar is about the people, not the panels. With each newly installed system, we are creating a new relationship to energy. We’re rethinking physical space and animating a new way of being. We bring our whole selves to problem solving and ask our customers to do the same. That is the Lighthouse way.


Drew Jackson
Technical Sales
Lighthouse expects to provide an exceptional customer experience. Empathy is engrained in the culture. We listen carefully to find out if solar is right for our customers, then empower you to choose the way to go.
Ray Shafer
Lighthouse Solar customer, now Technical Sales
Solar has become so efficient and affordable that you no longer have to wait around for a better deal. Ask us for a free solar estimate today to find out how much energy you can produce and how much money you can save.


Community Level

Lighthouse partnered with Franklin Grove, one of several neighborhoods in Austin incorporating solar as a standard feature on new homes. We provide solar designs for new construction and group purchasing for neighbors to go solar together.

Lighthouse Solar - solar awning
Architectural Solar

Lighthouse specializes in custom solutions for purpose-built structures, such as the solar awning on CEO Stan Pipkin’s home in Austin. We bring a background in architecture to fully realize your vision of what solar at your home ought to be.

Working with Lighthouse has been a great experience! Jay Johnson and his team were super helpful throughout the process and were able to work through some snags that almost kept me from being able to get solar at my home. The system has been great so far and overall, it was a very easy process that did not require a ton of time as they took care of nearly everything!! Jay is always easy to get in touch with and quick to help with anything that comes up. They also had very helpful financing options to consider. Would definitely recommend Lighthouse to anyone looking for solar!

Ryan Fenton

During 2018 we completed several energy efficiency projects in our home. By far the most fun was getting 18 solar panels in our roof, and what made this such a fantastic experience was having Lighthouse Solar on the project. Their commitment to quality extends beyond the installation, inspection, and activation. They were able to customize the installation components to meet our needs and expectations, and they did it willingly and kept things timely. If you are entertaining the idea of making your home energy efficient and the world a better place, reach out to Lighthouse Solar.

Liel Levy

Take Advantage Of Rebates, Credits, & Financing

Federal Tax Credit

The current credit is 30% of the amount you invest in solar, whether you pay in full now or finance the system. This is a dollar for dollar credit against your year end tax liability.


We will help you file for the rebate and process all the appropriate paperwork to maximize your financial benefit. We are approved in Austin Energy, CPS, Oncor, GVEC, PEC, NBU, Bluebonnet and many other jurisdictions in Texas.


Your solar investment is exempt from property tax assessment. That means that the additional value in equity in your home is not assessed additionally. This improves your investment.


Purchase your system or finance the total cost with $0 down with several terms to choose from.