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Professional Services

People: The Driving Force of Our Business

We view Lighthouse Solar as a collective of people working together to rethink physical space and the way we use energy. Since 2007, we have built and nurtured a community of creators with a diverse set of skills in design, architecture, manufacturing, and more. Our daily interactions draw on so much worldly experience that we lightheartedly refer to Lighthouse as the United Nations of Solar.

Our consultative approach is well suited to the demands of new energy solutions. Whether evaluating your readiness for an eventual solar installation or developing plans to proceed with construction, Lighthouse advises on many types of commercial and residential projects.


Build with Lighthouse

One goal at Lighthouse is always the same: a seamless integration of solar. Our team is experienced in new development. We can help you navigate large projects and complex projects so you can realize the benefits of solar as soon as can be.

Trust our experts

Lighthouse combines the expertise of solar professionals, master electricians, architects, and engineers to see the whole picture. From the planning stage all the way through construction, we strive to ensure that your needs are met with optimal design.

I appreciated the professionalism and expertise I received with Lighthouse Solar. My design, installation, and rebate were completed in a timely manner. I have had no problems with my system since it was installed 2 years ago. The other nice thing is that my electric bill was $26.00 last month!

Stephanie Dussling