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Shannon Residence

Mar 21, 2019 | PROJECTS, Uncategorized

The Shannon Residence had an impressive goal of a 114% offset using a 12.00 kW system. Lighthouse Solar helped to achieve this goal. The residence uses 0% of utility power.

The goal was a combination of future planning through the lens of energy use. A family and homestead is not a static situation. Solar can be a part of future planning, which includes things like adding an electric vehicle, growing the family, adding space, adding appliances or specific circuits.

Some say we are just now entering the electric age. It is unfamiliar territory for most of us to plan for an evolving relationship with energy. The Shannons have embraced this forward looking perspective.

3 years into it, the Shannons are still in the green!

Solar-Lightgauge data monitoring over a 6 hour period

See the live progress here: http://lg1654.d.lighthousesolar.com/57962/