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Overview of Solar Incentives in Austin, Texas


Austin, Texas, and Austin Energy Solar Department have gained national attention for their pro-solar policies and programs. Residential homes and commercial businesses can use their unused roof space to capture the sun’s energy and offset their bills, help us move away from dependence on fossil fuels, and participate in a movement toward cleaner air. In this short piece, we will explain and demystify some of the incentives available to the public at large. In this article, we will delve into the state of solar incentives in Austin, exploring the programs driving the solar revolution in the heart of Texas.

Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC):

The federal government is participating in the move to energy independence and its citizens’ health by investing in solar projects with a 30% tax incentive to help make solar the cheapest form of energy on the planet. To be clear, the ITC is a credit toward either taxes you have paid or taxes you owe. People often need clarification between other incentives that will reduce their taxable income and this credit. A tax credit applied against taxes you have paid or are due will result in a credit for that 30%. Another exciting element put into law is the direct pay to nonprofit organizations with no tax burden. We are seeing community nonprofits install solar at a much greater rate, taking advantage of this change in how the ITC can help pay for solar.

Texas Solar Property Tax Exemption:

Once you become a solar investor and file a state-level solar property tax exemption form, you are exempt from the government raising the value of your home based on a solar improvement. Suppose you are wondering if solar is a good investment for your house or if it will increase equity in your home. This law, in essence, is a statement that it does. The lawmakers concluded that it would be important not to punish the electorate for installing clean energy systems by raising their taxes due to increased home value. Fill out this form and keep your taxes in check. You can find more information on the comptroller’s website here, but the property tax exemption applies to any Texan with solar installed on their house.

Austin Energy Solar Rebate Program:

Austin’s publicly owned electric utility is promoting solar adoption because it is good not only for them but also for its citizens. “Solar Rebates Available — You can earn a $2,500 rebate by completing our solar education course and installing a qualifying solar photovoltaic (PV) system on your home.” “Solar Solutions, For Your Home, Rooftop Solar Systems and Community Solar Options,” Austin Energy website,https://austinenergy.com/green-power/solar-solutions/for-your-home, Date last reviewed or modified: 07/05/2023, Accessed December 1, 2023.

AE Metering Policies:

Austin Energy pays you for all your solar panels’ production when you interconnect with their electrical grid. They offer a unique way to add value to the exchange through VOS. VOS refers to the value of solar. You can find this information on their website. “You will also earn a Value of Solar bill credit on your monthly bill for every kilowatt-hour of electricity your solar PV system generates. Austin Energy credits residential solar production at the current Value of Solar Rate of 9.91 cents per kWh.” Austin Energy website,https://austinenergy.com/green-power/solar-solutions/for-your-home, Date last reviewed or modified: 07/05/2023, Accessed December 1, 2023.


As the sun shines on Austin, Texas, so does a commitment to solar energy adoption. Federal and state-level incentives, coupled with local programs by Austin Energy, create a favorable environment for individuals and businesses looking to switch to clean, renewable power.