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SOLAR TECH//SPAN Smart Panels – Power Your EV Twice As Fast

Jan 26, 2024 | NEWS, OFFERS/INFO

We are at the dawn of solar electrification. These are technologies that extend the sun’s power into new facets of your life.

In the past two years, the software that manages your Solar Power Systems has really evolved and improved. Now you can manage all of your home’s power individually through a single app anywhere from your smartphone. It allows you to look at your total power consumption. More importantly, it allows you to manage every aspect of your power usage down to the fridge.
In practical terms the technology allows you to do a many things. Let’s say you own an EV. Currently, your panel code may only allow you to charge your EV at 30 amps.

Now with the SPAN smartpower software management via SPAN smart panels, you can power your EV vehicle at 50 amps in between your central air conditioning power cycles.

Potentially increasing the speed at which your Electric Vehicle charges by over 80%.

Another practical application in a power outage, either by storm or forced ERCOT rolling brownout. You can prioritize and manage your battery usage down to the exact device. Selecting which of your power needs make the most sense. Being able to turn on the critical appliances while eliminating or removing the others you may not need. You can raise the thermostat, remove appliances, and reprioritize power consumption that will extend your battery life until power is restored.

We’d love to meet up and chat about the innovation in the power management software. Whether you are a new customer or an existing customer give us a call today for a free system audit. It’s never too soon before the next unknown Central Texas weather event.