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We are seeing the market shaping hand of the Inflation Reduction Act at work. On-shoring promises to protect supply chains through diversification, build local workforce capacity, reduce global shipping costs and vagaries and demonstrate domestic content production. Domestic content will spur new commercial solar activity as additional Federal Tax credits will apply.

Closer to home, Lighthouse recently visited Enphase’s opening of their new manufacturing facility in Arlington, TX, one of 3 US locations Enphase has opened this year. But around us are more. SEG Solar is in Houston. Powerstack is in Dripping Springs. Solavari Solar is getting established in central Texas. There are major investments by QCells in Georgia and Trina Solar is coming to Wilmer, TX. Canadian Solar has plans to come to Mesquite, TX. And Tesla is right around the corner in East Austin. The list is growing longer and the connections stronger. The green-tech cluster has continued to expand in Central Texas.

This story is just beginning. We know that there is not a panacea for resources and manufacturing capacities. But we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines. From securing silicon and lithium, to responding to troubleshooting calls from existing systems, we are part of an industry that is recognizing the value of strong connections to communities they serve. At Lighthouse, we will continue our commitment to our community, composed of customers with local values and global impact.