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At Lighthouse we are always looking to find ways to do better. Our team of experts are always learning from our projects, partners, and industry as a whole and are happy to share our knowledge. Here you will find some of our latest industry happenings, technical tips and new product offerings.

14 Things To Know Before Buying A Home Solar Power System

14 Things To Know Before Buying A Home Solar Power System

Saving money and doing something positive for the environment: these two reasons drive most homeowners to consider installing solar power. They’ve heard they can save money on their electric bills, and they know increasing the use of clean energy is a positive step...

A Journey To A Net Zero Energy Home

A Journey To A Net Zero Energy Home

Solar Panel System with Battery Storage As the extreme weather event such as heatwaves, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, drought, and rising sea levels is emerging, rooftop solar panels offer an affordable solution to restore natural systems with renewable, carbon-free...

Essence of Solar Financing

I have had a lot of conversations about how solar financing works and how it varies from traditional financing.  Solar financing can seem a bit strange and unfamiliar so I decided to jot down some facts and hopefully explain some of the basics.No money out of...

Solar Panels For Your Home

Every solar consumer listens to various sales pitches on what is the best solar panel for their home. At Lighthouse we have built our business on three distinct pillars. We stay agnostic to brands.Smart designs make better systems with better prices.Use the...